The Thoughts That Made it Here

tumblrbot asked: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

Dinosaurs duh

ichooseyoupanpour asked: men are so quick to say "not all men are rapists" so often,that i could comfortably bet fifty bucks on it. Yet any time im drunk i got so many dudes up on me you'd think id taken out candy to eat around children. oh. i see. not all men are rapists. your just super interested, (you being the seventh guy now), really want to-(now that im stumbling around), to "hang out". As if were not standing there doing that now. Thats why i dont do the "not all men are rapists preemptive defense. fuck you.


Aw come on, that can’t possibly ever happened to you.  I mean, it’s not like a study recently found that drinking doesn’t cause sexual aggression but instead that predators target drunk women.

Read the above and gtfoutta here with that “not all men” shit

Unicorn tat. Hopefully the first tattoo of many.

Unicorn tat. Hopefully the first tattoo of many.